EU Cluster Day 2024: workshop on industry & Green Deal

Workshop “Efficient, Lightweight, Sustainable Advanced Materials – Supporting EU industries to meet the Green Deal targets”  Thursday 6th June 2024, 08:45-16:00, Brussels    The European Commission promotes a workshop on a crucial goal of the EU industry: the development and adoption of innovative, efficient, lightweight, and sustainable advanced materials and processes.  This is the way […]

Novel polymers for structural composites: the SUSMATx workshop

Workshop “Sustainable matrices for Structural Composites: processing and mechanical performance” The end of life of thermoset matrices used in most current structural composites is problematic, because of their irreversible nature: technical fibers, such as carbon fibers with a huge embedded energy, cannot be recovered, and repurposing of components is not feasible because of the impossibility […]

Open Innovation Workshop on recycling, reuse, and recovery of advanced composites

Open Innovation Workshop Processes and methods for recycling, reuse, and recovery of advanced composite materials in the transport sector Hybrid event, 7th June, 2024 (9:30-11:30), Rue du Trône, 62, Brussels and online   Fiber-reinforced composites are amongst the enabling materials for the green and digital transitions in the transport and mobility sector. They allow for […]

Composites recycling: which method fits the best for REPOXYBLE?

Composites recycling: which method fits the best for REPOXYBLE? REPOXYBLE aims to develop a new generation of multifunctional, safe and sustainable by design epoxy-based composites. Affordable recycling, both economically and environmentally, is a crucial aspect to make these composites competitive on the market, and capable of replace the fossil-based ones currently used. But which recycling […]

Performance, sustainability and safety: REPOXYBLE’s requirements

Design requirements for performance, sustainability and safety: REPOXYBLE’s compilation REPOXYBLE completed the compilation of design requirements for performance, sustainability and safety to inform the development of materials and product solutions of the project. The aim has been to select the building blocks leading to the epoxy resin system, and identifying criteria to pursue a Safe […]

SSbD in practice: REPOXYBLE & EU projects experiences

Safe and Sustainable by Design in practice: experiences from REPOXYBLE and other EU projects REPOXYBLE has been during the NanoInnovation Conference & Exhibition 2023 workshop Improving materials development by Safe and Sustainable by Design approaches, a joint event of the EU projects ASINA, SABYDOMA, SAbyNA, SbD4Nano and REPOXYBLE.   Safety and sustainability of chemicals and […]