REPOXYBLE brings together a Consortium of 16 partners, including 7 SMEs and a large company, 5 universities, one RTD, two clusters, from 8 countries: Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Grece, Slovenia, and Portugal. The project is coordinated by Avanzare Innovacion Tecnologica.   The Consortium covers the entire value chain of the material lifecycle, and includes experts in safety, sustainability assessment, data management, and dissemination, communication and exploitation.



Italian Association for Industrial Research
Airi is leader of Communication and Dissemination activities of Repoxyble. It also makes a significant contribution to the definition of design requirements and analysis of the legal, social, environmental and economic impacts. It will contribute to the development of a Decision Support System (DSS), inspired by Safe and Sustainable by Design principles, to help perform an overall evaluation and comparison with benchmarks of the impacts of the products developed.

DAC Campania

Aerospace District
DAC, thanks to its development of HYPLANE aircraft, will define the performance requirement for the aerospace application of REPOXYBLE new products and leads the task on Aerospace use case design. Specifically, DAC and its affiliated entity OMI will design the aerospace use case of aerostructure and engine panels.

Riversimple Movement Ltd.

Riversimple, thanks to its development of lightweight, fun-to-drive hydrogen powered eco cars as well as an innovative, circular economy led service model, represents the automotive end user in REPOXYBLE, and key areas of interest are closed-loop recyclability and low-energy intensive curing processes. Thus, it will define the performance requirement for automotive application and will manufacture two automotive proofs of concept.

University of Ljubljana (UL)

University of Ljubljana is task leader for Open Science and Data Management. This task will establish a common framework (formatting and naming convention, tool for sharing, storing, etc.) to generate, collect and assemble essay data produced by different partners.


Next Generation of Ultralight Multifunctional Materials
Aerogel contributes to the development, upscaling and validation of REPOXYBLE new composites. Specifically, it leads the Tasks on Composite design, Composite product upscaling, and Proof of concepts manufacturing, testing and validation, thanks to its expertise on composite design and manufacturing, and to its capabilities to handle, design and prepare composites made of tailored specialty resins.

Fundación GAIKER

GAIKER is task leader for the Materials safety assessment and for the Verification of the sustainability of the proposed solution, and it will also participate on the task of Sustainability and safety for the manufacturing and recycling process and in the development of the Decision Support System.


Aiming your target
SATURNTECH will assist in the IPR management and facilitate the exploitation of the project results.

University of Southampton

University of Southampton, thanks to its specialist knowledge in aerospace and material science, is involved in the Integrated functionalities and Energy efficient manufacturing, Technology upscaling and Use Cases Validation Work Packages to develop multifunctional materials.

Avanzare Innovación Tecnológica

Inventing the future
We are specialized in the development, production and commercialization of specialty additives for different materials, mainly plastics and rubber, across different industries: automotive, aeronautics, safety equipment, footwear, painting, building, wire and cable sector, fabrics, packaging and paper, among others. We have extensive experience in the scope of functionalities such as antistatic, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal dissipations, flame retardant/fire resistance, anti-bacterial, hydrophobic, etc.

Gurit UK Ltd

Gurit contributes defining target costs for REPOXYBLE products and designing bio-based DCLE resin system, supporting the resin formulation. It also leads the Upscaling of new bio-based composite components, selecting the set of bio-based binding systems from the materials previously developed by REPOXYBLE that will ensure adequate structural performance. It will upscale and adapt the synthesis of selected depolymerizable building blocks and the new bio-based DCLE systems.

Temas Solutions

Safe & Sustainable Innovations
Temas Solution is the task leader for Safe and Sustainability by Design.

University of Patras

University of Patras provides technology and algorithms for energy efficient manufacturing. Leading the Technology upscaling it will integrate the developments of overall life-cycle of composites into an upscaled system with TRL5 featuring prepreg manufacturing and IR curing. It will analyse sustainability and safety of the manufacturing and recycling processes and assess the closed loop recycling at TRL5.


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
BOKU has the lead for the Business models and circular value chain Work Package, managing the tasks performed by the project partners and providing new value cycles to suit the developed business plans and recycling scenarios. Additionally, BOKU is tasked with assessing, optimising and upscaling the recyclability of the developed materials and composites in cooperation with project partners.

Onyriq Labs S.L. (ONY)

Onyriq provides the project its proprietary research on DCLE epoxy systems and infrastructures to perform a lab-scale on material synthesis and formulation. It leads the New Chemistries Development, managing selection and lab-scale production of materials based on SSbD principles. Particularly, it leads the design and synthesis of new recyclable bio-based resin systems. It also contributes to design of fast curing epoxy systems, upscaling of building blocks and recyclable resins.

University of Girona

The University of Girona (UdG) will provide the kinetic study and the physicochemical properties of the resins and characterize the thermomechanical properties of the composites in the New chemistries development, Integrated functionalities and Energy efficient manufacturing and Technology upscaling Work Packages.